iTowBot® ...the future for aircraft and helicopter towing solutions

The iTowBot offers the best solution regarding aircraft towing aspects. The patented technology has eliminated lifting, positioning, electrical cords, fueling or hard starting of traditional aircraft towing machinery.

This unit was designed with the aircraft and the aircraft owner/pilot in mind.

The iTowBot enhances the owner's ability to observe and control the aircraft during towing by observing the process from a vantage point. No more having to be at the front of the aircraft with limited visibility of those wingtips or empanage. You can be at the back of the hangar or next to that other aircraft in close proximity to your parking place. With iTowBot we offer a precision, ruggedly built towing machine that will allow the user to position aircraft in close quarters with ease.

The iTowBot has the ability to rotate the aircraft inside of its own wingspan. With its hybrid zero-turn capability and fully-articulating self-locking carriage, turn limits of the aircraft nose wheel cannot be exceeded.

The powerful 24V DC motors are regulated for smooth starts and stops while delivering the power you need to put your aircraft asset out on the ramp or back in the hangar.

Standard units have a towing capacity for aircraft with MTOM of up to 15.000 lbs, heavy-duty units handle up to 30.000 lbs. Very well suited also for Helicopters like A109´s.

A special unit is also available for aircraft with MTOM of up to 50.000 lbs.

Dual nose-wheel aircraft can be maintained too.

We deliver all over Europe and Africa as well!


The iTowBot incorporates heavy-duty mounted bearings along with moldon rubber wheels for a smooth positive grip during the loading and towing process. Heavy wall steel frame and low centre of gravity aid in stability. Protection is programmed in the motor control to protect from false commands, signal interruption or thermal overheat. An integrated battery charger/tender assures your iTowBot will be ready for duty when you are. Only for deliveries in Europe und Africa fitted with 70-230V charger.

iTowBot® Specifications:

  • Measures 38" Wide x 46" Long x 12" High

  • Powerful Reversible 24 Volt DC Motors

  • Rugged Steel Construction

  • Powder-Coated Frame

  • Virtually Zero Maintenance

  • Easy Ergonomic Remote Control Handset

  • Max Towing Speed 100 Feet Per Minute

  • Overvoltage and Thermally Protected

  • Standard unit Tows Aircraft up to 15,000 Pounds Gross Weight

  • Trouble Free Cast Iron Rims with Non-Marking Moldon Wheels

  • Solid State Heavy Duty Fully Articulating Motor Control

  • Hybrid Zero Turn Capability about Stationary Nosewheel

  • Built in Interference Protection Featuring Spektrum's New 2.4 Ghz Technology

  • For delivery in Europe and Africa equipped with Solid State Battery Charger/Maintainer 70-230 Volts

Special Design iTowBots® are also available:

  • For aircraft with MTOW of up to 50.000 Pounds

  • For aircraft with dual nose-wheel or tail-dragger

  • For trailors with hitch-adaptor